Can i take Viagra cialis or levitra with alcohol!


A nice meal, a glass of wine, and a healthy sex life are some of the good things in life.

And while sex is an important part of that equation, for some men, the sex is not what they would like for it to be. When a man can’t “perform,” it puts a damper on what could be an enjoyable experience.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a health issue that affects up to 30 million men in the United States, according to the National Institutes of Health. But there’s good news—it’s treatable. And one of the treatments is with oral medications. You’ve probably heard of the three most popular ED medications: Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. These pills are known as phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors. They work by relaxing the smooth muscles in blood vessel walls. When the blood vessels in the penis are relaxed, the blood flow through them increases. And more blood to the penis is what’s needed for an erection.

What about food and alcohol?

So, maybe you’ve considered using an oral treatment for ED, but it could be that one of your concerns is about the medication’s interaction with food and alcohol. As with any new drug, you need to discuss your medical situation with your physician first. But with ED medication, it’s pretty simple when it comes to food and drink. When using these products along with those other elements of a nice evening out on the town, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. Let’s take a look at each of the products:

Viagra (Sildenafil citrate): It’s effective with or without food or alcohol, but you should eat the right foods prior to taking it, and drink in moderation. Don’t eat a high-fat meal 2 hours prior to taking the medication. Fat can slow down the body’s ability to absorb the drug. So, if dinner is a part of your date, plan ahead to avoid the fatty foods.

Levitra (Vardenafil HCL): This product can be taken with or without meals. Alcohol is all right, too, if you drink in moderation.

Cialis (Tadalafil): This one can also be taken with or without food. As for alcohol, use it in moderation, too. If you drink 5 units or more of alcohol (5 glasses of wine or 5 shots of liquor), you run the risk of experiencing increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, as well as dizziness and headache. (Definitely not good on a date!)

There’s certainly more information to learn about these products, and understanding them is a smart thing to do if you’re considering oral medications for ED issues. The good things in life should be enjoyed responsibly. Eating right and drinking in moderation is good advice at all times. So follow this good advice, and have a wonderful sex life, too!

To have an erectile dysfunction is common in men over the age of sixty-five but now it would seem that it can occur at any age. This is just the inability to obtain an adequate erection for satisfactory sexual activity. There are many ways to cure this dysfunction from happening but first you should find out why this is happening and try to fix the problem.

This can happen if the person is on anti-depressants or smoking. It could be a neurogenic disorder, which is from a brain injury. It could happen from any psychological causes such as anxiety, stress, depression or panic disorders. If you had surgery, prostate or bladder or even colon surgery this can be one of the reasons too. Age is an important factor in this as well. Diabetes can also be one of the reasons.

You can try to exercise more or lose weight but you would have to know what the cause is first. Most of these impotence problems can be cured with drugs. Viagra is one of the drugs that is well known and is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is used to improve the ability to increase the blood flow to the penis during sexual stimulation. This can increase the blood flow and cause an erection. It will relax the blood vessels and all the blood to flow freely. If you wish to use this drug to help with your erectile dysfunction know that it’s not a cure. Follow the doctor’s instructions when taking this medication and always tell him if you feel any effects from this medicine.

Kamagra is something else you can try. This is an oral medicine that is also used for solving erectile dysfunction. The medicine does start to work immediately from thirty to sixty minutes after you take it. This is going to relax the muscles in the penis for an extended amount of time. Use this drug under the supervision of your doctor.

You can try this pill as well, it’s called Cialis. This pill treats erectile dysfunction and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia which may help if you have trouble urinating or have painful urination. None of these medications that are mentioned are going to cure the problem. If you suddenly get a headache or feel nauseous or anything different occurs do tell your doctor immediately.

The doctor can prescribe levitra for you as well and this will also increase the blood flow to your penis during sexual stimulation. So now you can see that you do have some alternatives with these erectile dysfunction drugs which can help you but not fix the problem.

Erectile dysfunction solutions do exist and it’s worth a try. If you drink pomegranate juice for four weeks you are going to find that lots of men improved there dysfunction just by drinking that juice or you can try eating three and a half ounces of pistachio nuts a day for three weeks which can also lead to improved sexual function in men. Red ginseng is an herb that relaxes muscles in the penis and improves the blood flow needed, so you can try that as well.

What is Kamagra Oral Jelly?

Kamagra oral jelly is a modern drug that was approved by the FDA, to treat erectile dysfunction, a condition that affects many men around the world. Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual disorder of the penis, due to which the affected person is unable to hold or obtain an erection. Kamagra oral jelly is a combination of ingredients, with the main one being Sildenafil, that have pharmacological properties considered to be the best cure for erectile dysfunction.

Benefits of Kamagra

Erectile dysfunction as a disease has serious repercussions on the patients and these effects are more of a mental nature than physical. A person affected with erectile dysfunction starts to feel worthless and takes on various methods to treat his condition. He might be taking up expensive drugs or even go for surgery to cure his condition. However, a better and a cheaper alternative by way of Kamagra oral jelly, is there for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. This breakthrough drug is the cheapest and the safest way to improve penile erection for enhanced sexual pleasure.


The drug Kamagra with its potency to enhance penile erection is available in jelly as well as tablet form. As jelly, it is available in sachets that can be taken before any sexual activity. The availability of the drug in jelly form is convenient for those individuals that are unable to swallow tablets. The jelly can be taken easily by squeezing the contents onto a spoon and then swallowed. The jelly is available in various flavors like banana, berry, pineapple and strawberry.

Words of Precaution

It is important to consult a doctor before consuming Kamagra. The reason for this is that the active component of Kamagra, Sildenafil Citrate might intensify the effect of other drugs that may be taken in by the individual wishing to take Kamagra. The drug being in the jelly form is absorbed quickly by the body and its effects are visual very quickly. The drug’s use is inhibited for those that have kidney, heart and liver disorders. However, if there is a certain need, the dose of Kamagra jelly can be adjusted. Therefore, it must be on a doctor’s recommendation that the drug is taken.

Side Effects

The side effects that are visual in some cases of taking in Kamagra oral jelly is due to overdose or the intolerance of the drug by the individual. Some of the side effects may comprise of headaches, a stuffy nose, some chest pain, lightheaded, flushes, slight pain in the penis, if the erection is held for a long induced period.

Actions of Kamagra Oral Jelly

It is important to remember that Kamagra oral jelly is not a sexual stimulator or activator but a drug that treat erectile dysfunction. It helps in having a penile erection and sustains it for a time long enough to enjoy sexual intercourse, which is otherwise not possible due to erectile dysfunction. The working of the jelly is that on consuming the drug, Sildenafil the active component of the drug penetrates into the arteries and dilates them. The dilated arteries supply more blood to the penis causing it to be erect. The effect of the drug remains for at least five years, during which sexual activity may be repeated more than once.

Buy Kamagra online

To buy Kamagra online may be the solution for men who suffer from the condition of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical or psychological problems, but the result is the same – the inability to get or keep a strong enough erection for sexual intercourse. This condition can be quite frustrating as many men will be mentally in the mood for sexual activity, but their bodies will not be receptive to the desires of the brain. Fortunately, awareness and understanding about erectile dysfunction has grown in the past decade, with many pharmaceutical companies developing products to meet the demands of ED sufferers. Cheap Kamagra tablets has been the most popular drug available on the market. Generic Kamagra tablets are currently growing in popularity as they contain the same active ingredient (Sildenafil Citrate) as the branded Viagra tablets, but usually at a much smaller cost to the consumer.
Generic Kamagra tablets comes in many shapes and forms. Most of the time it’s sold as pills, but Kamagra tablets is another type of medication entirely. Cheap Kamagra jelly contains the same sildenafil citrate ingredient, but the difference is found in the presentation of the drug. While traditional pills of Kamagra oral jelly requires that the user waits up to an hour before they are effective, a man who chooses to buy Kamagra jelly will find that they are immediately effective. When you take a generic Kamagra tablets, the tablet will simply need to be placed under the tongue. As Kamagra gel dissolves, it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, in many cases taking only ten to fifteen minutes. In sexual situations, time is of the essence and having to wait an hour or more could easily ruin the mood of the encounter. For this reason, it may be advantageous for an ED sufferer to know if he wants to buy Kamagra online, he can able to be ready in only ten minutes. For more information on the manufacturer, you can lookup their site – Ajanta Pharma.


Cheap Kamagra 100mg Online Dosage

Before you buy Kamagra tablet, you should know there are two strength levels available: 50 and 100 milligrams. The majority of sufferers who buy Kamagra tablets treatment start with the 50mg pills to judge their reaction. They can only take one cheap Kamagra get in one day. In some elderly patients and those that have severe cases of ED, the 100mg Kamagra tablet may be better. Before changing cheap Kamagra gel dosage levels, it is advisable to speak to a local or online physician to discuss the option. While generic Kamagra jelly are cheaper than the branded version in retail stores, a patient will find even more discounted prices when ordering the medication from online pharmacies. These pharmacies deal in bulk quantities and are able to provide the best offers if you buy Kamagra online. In addition, as it can be a difficult to buy Kamagra online, online pharmacies allow a sufferer to fill out a questionnaire for review by a physician that is employed by the online pharmacy. After they buy Kamagra online, men will receive the medication in only a few days, all from the comfort of their own home.

Kamagra Side Effects

Generic Kamagra Tablets have the same possible side effects the tablet presentation has. These might include headache, an upset stomach (and in rare cases diarrhea), dizziness, disorientation, sleepiness and sensitivity to bright light. Your sight might get blurry for short periods of time after taking this medication. Do not worry if you experience any of these symptoms when you get generic Kamagra online. In the rare case they appear, it is usually during the first time you consume Kamagra gel. If these symptoms worsen or persist, look for medical help as soon as possible. For more information about Kamagra Effects please check the wiki page.

Cheap Kamagra Online Precautions

Do not drive or operate any possibly hazardous machines or utensils shortly after Kamagra tablets intake. This is because Kamagra may cause dizziness or fatigue, therefore putting your physical integrity at risk. Do not drink too much alcohol or eat a heavy fatty meal shortly before using generic Kamagra gel, since this may hamper its healing capability.

Buy Kamagra Online Warnings

Cheap Kamagra tablets will only help men in case they need to boost their sexual energy. It is not intended for female usage. It may have a negative effect on their health. If you are currently under any nitrate-based medication (like Cataflam and Voltaren),you shouldn’t buy Kamagra online. The combination of generic Kamagra’s main ingredient (Sildenafil citrate) and nitrate is potentially hazardous for your health.

KAMAGRA is the preferred alternative to Viagra™ for customers wishing to use the generic version of this popular treatment for impotence and erectile dysfunction. It is offered in 100mg tablet form and multiple flavours of jelly. The oral jelly offers an alternative to tablet use with users reporting a quicker time to effectiveness with the same benefit of tablets. Its also suitable for those who struggle to swallow tablets. The effects of kamagra tablets and oral jelly generally last around 4 – 6 hours.

Kamagra Plus / Apcalis / Erectalis

Erectalis (Formerly known as Apcalis or Kamagra Plus) is the generic version of the Cialis™ treatment for impotence and erectile dysfunction. The benefits of this are an extended effective time of up to 36 hours. This allows couples to choose a natural time to begin sexual activity. The tablets are available in 20mg dosage or an easy to use and fast acting jelly.

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